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East Coast Inspiration

NYC sunset and sailboats

As I stop for a moment this morning, I remind myself to take a few quiet moments after a very exhausting week. The first thing that comes to mind is that I have more things to be grateful for everyday.  I know quiet moments of positive thought don’t always come, let alone quiet moments, however when they do I am reminded how grateful I am.

I recently took a vacation to a small island off the coast of Massachusetts.  There was not much to do there and that was exactly what I was looking for.   It had been almost 2 years since my last real vacation and I found lots of inspiration in a few days of being off the grid so close to home.  Quiet beaches, morning yoga, hikes, naps, beautiful sunsets.  I felt safe.  All 50 people who live on the island wore masks.  A few friendly tourists I met had interesting stories to tell while keeping socially distant.  I just spent time enjoying what I have not been able to over the past 2 years of living between NYC and LA and then moving cross country during a pandemic.  Peace and calm.   I really thought I was going to stay a second week, however decided to leave feeling relaxed and grateful for the experience.  I thought I had to travel outside of my home area to be able to find balance and calm.  I am sure taking that break helped, however I mindfully worked on keeping that grateful calmness when I came back to my “real life”.

The first week back I meditated, took walks, practiced yoga and went to bed early.  I was trying to get back into work and life and was concerned i needed to get out of town ASAP to ensure I stayed in that peaceful mindful place.  Thankfully i was reminded very quickly that you can find peace, calm and gratitude wherever you are if it is within yourself.  This concept I’ve practiced and heard thousands of times in my 25 year yoga practice however must have misplaced in recent times.  The other week I went on a walk with my dog.  I left my apartment in the evening a little later then I planned.  We walked about 15 minutes to a park at the south end of Manhattan.  Right past the park is the Hudson River.  This area is my favorite on the island for so many reasons.  Today I was lucky enough to get there at the right time to enjoy the most beautiful sunset.  It was quiet and I actually took the time to just watch the water, the boats and enjoy the quiet.  For the first time in a while I remembered why I love this area so and how grateful I am to live here.

The colors of the sunsets I’ve seen from the island in Massachusetts to NYC have inspired my colors for my next collection which will be out early fall.

Inspiration can be found everywhere.  Peace and love can be found within yourself.   grateful for all of it.

Sending my love and gratitude to yours.