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Sometimes it takes a lot of energy to bring awareness to the daily things we do.  We can set reminders for most things like, to take a break, take a breath or go for a run.  Putting them into regular practice to become a lifestyle where it flows takes awareness.

Tigers Eye was one of the 1st stones I was drawn to.  Along with Citrine and Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Moonstone, Turquoise and Rose Quartz, they are gemstones associated with bringing out awareness.

It takes the same type of awareness to turn our daily activities into a practice as it does to work with gems for healing.  The practice of working with gems to heal is to allow the energy consistent time to work in conjunction with the other good you do for your body and mind health.  If you don’t feel right and can’t find the answers through other peoples experience or medicine take the time to be aware of you.

The first 3 stones; Tiger’s Eye, Citrine and Yellow Sapphire  are also associated with alleviating symptoms of Celiac Disease.

This month we are donating a percentage of each sale to the Celiac Disease Foundation.  In 2010 I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  I had been severely sick for 5 years prior to the diagnosis.  As the symptoms grew I would go to another type of specialist.  7 different types of doctors with a few in each specialty in a 5 year period.  No one connected the dots.  After not being able to feel my fingers and toes for 2 years  and eventually hands and feet I decided to look into what I was eating.  I was always exhausted, especially after eating.  Then I started passing out directly after eating most meals.   This meant if I didn’t have somewhere to lay down within 15 minutes I would fall wherever I was and sleep for hours.  After the second time it happened in public I went to a nutritionist who provided me what I needed for the elimination cleanse.  No doctor recommended this but all the reading I was doing was leading to possible Celiac Disease.  I had been a vegan and vegetarian starting around age 10 and always supplemented my meals a lot with wheat flour based carbs.  The cleanse slowly eliminated dairy, wheat, processed foods, rice, sugar, caffeine, certain fruits and veggies and everything else edible leaving me with supplement drink from the nutritionist along with 7 fruits and veggies I could eat as much as I wanted of over a weeks time. Slowly over the next 5 days i brought back in everything eliminated from the veggies back through the dairy.  I chose a slice of veggie cheese-less pizza for the bread day and passed out for 18 hours after eating it.  This is how I diagnosed my Celiac Disease which was then confirmed through blood tests with a doctor.

Awareness  brought me to my diagnosis.   Awareness of what I was eating and the patterns forming around it.  Gemstones mean a few things to me.  One most important is the way it makes me feel.  Some fill spaces where you need joy, others, calm and others awareness.

Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Moonstone, Rose Quartz and Turquoise are gems with regular use and self care can help bring great awareness and balance into your life.  Click here for Gemstone Meaning and Properties

For more information on Celiac Disease please go to www.celiac.org