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Communicating with Citrine

So much has changed this year that it is a comfort to still be able to enjoy certain consistencies in our daily life.

We already had been communicating through social media, video calls, phone calls, email and through other virtual channels however the pandemic as elevated that type of communication to new heights.

Where we are used to talking virtually and then eventually meeting in person, the former is now the new norm.  This change over the past few months has is many respects changed the way we effectively communicate .  As we live life more moment to moment our interpersonal communications have had to adjust with these times.

Personally I have had to become a more effective listener.  With traveling back and forth from NYC to LA on a regular basis for the 7 years prior March 2020 I realized I had let some of my interpersonal communication skills go.  Listening effectively was one of those skills I took for granted.  As I now have had time to slow down I understand how important this is in communicating effectively.  My work with gemstones reminds me of these small yet large notions regularly as I read though there meaning and properties more closely these days.

Citrine is November’s Birthstone and also know as the manifestation gemstone.  Wearing it will help channel the power of healing interpersonal relationships with family, friends and coworkers near and far.   It is also the gemstone that represents the sun, happiness, mental focus and health.

I read many years ago that carrying a Citrine in your wallet helps to manifest financial wealth.  With every piece of jewelry purchased this month a small Citrine gem will be included.

Wishing you an abundance of good health, happiness and effective communication now and always.


xx d