Daily Inspiration: Rings

If you like it then you…SHOULD put a ring on it!

Rings will never go out of style, and it’s no secret that our customers LOVE our rings!

Everyone knows the meaning of having a ring on the left hand ring finger…

But what about the other ones? Here are some facts about each finger:

  1. Thumb Finger: In Ancient Greek times, it signified dignity, strength, and power.
  2. Index Finger: The Yin Yang theory believes that wearing a ring on your index finger means you are seeking for leadership.
  3. Middle Finger: If you want to show off a ring, this is the finger to do so! Psychologists believe that if you want to stand out with your ring, place it on this finger.
  4. Ring Finger: This is typically the finger that, on the left hand, indicates that you are committed to someone (promise ring, engagement, and marriage).
  5. Pinky Finger: In the Yin and Yang theory, wearing your ring on your pinky means that you are creative.

Our dainty pieces are the cherry on top of your wardrobe-no matter the season! Where will you wear yours?

Check out our many different rings from our site:


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