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Layers of Sapphires for September

How do you layer? When it comes to jewelry layering I usually choose a variety of textures and colors and rarely more than one of the same gemstone piece in the layering.  Layering with Sapphires I like to use the gem in multiple layers.  I am currently inspired by the blue and yellow sapphires and how beautifully they pair together.

Whether it be rings, bracelets or necklaces each of the gems are slightly differently so each has it’s own unique color.  Pictured here is our Blue Sapphire Spice necklace and Blue Sun drop Spice necklace.  Over the next 5 days we will feature photos of sapphire layering plus some interesting facts about the gemstone.

We will also be featuring these, plus additional photos on our social media pages.

Gemstones are porous and naturally have healing properties.  We are drawn to gems that offer us balance by bringing forth the properties we are in need of.

Here are some of those properties you will find in the Sapphire:

-Traditional birthstone of September

-Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of wisdom and helps open the third eye

-Is also associated with the throat Chakra and allows for easier communication

-Yellow Sapphire helps solidify new interest and relationships by helping to see things in a new light by adding clarity and optimism

At the end of September some of our Sapphire pieces will be included in our new end of month sale.  Let us know what is your favorite and what styling ideas you’d like to see in the coming days.

Sending lots of love and joy – Dana