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New Moon for a New Year

Today at Midnight EST, we will experience the New Moon in Capricorn. This is the first New Moon of 2021 and the perfect time to set your intentions for the year ahead. A new moon happens once every 29.5 days and represents the start of a new lunar month.

This new moon in Capricorn gives us the chance to lock in our goals. Capricorn energy is all about upward mobility, hard work, creativity, innovation, determination and resilience. Pluto also plays a part by empowering this new moon. With its vibes of personal power, transformation and regeneration you have the power to manifest your dreams.

Here are some Gemstones associated with Capricorn, January and this beautiful New Moon

*Red Garnet – Birth month: January – Chakra – Root – Associated and Healing with love, commitment, understanding and trust in relationships

*Green Garnet -Birth month: January – Chakra: Heart- Associated and Healing with regeneration, growth, care and nurture

*Emerald – Birth month: May- Chakra: Heart – Associated and healing with truth, hope, love, protection and wisdom

*Onyx – Birth month: Chakra: Root – Associated and Healing with protective, grounding, release and protect from negativity

*Moonstone – Birth month: June – Chakra: Solar Plexus – Associated and Healing with – compassion, feminine energy, intuition, abundance and hope

Here is the link to our Gem guide and more info on these Gems plus many others we work with

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