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October Opals

Opal Love Peruvian Style

I absolutely love Blue Peruvian Opal.  I first starting working with it in 2008.  I had never seen the gemstone before and I felt as if I had discovered it myself!  I made a few pieces of jewelry with the few gems I had which sold out quickly.  After those initial pieces were created into jewelry and sold I had a hard time finding this gem anywhere.

Almost 6 years past and a client of mine who lived in New Zealand was visiting NYC and tracked me down at a Trunk Show at Bloomingdale’s.  She had not been able to find jewelry with Peruvian opal since the earrings I had made her and wanted to purchase necklaces with the gemstone for her and a group of friends.  I was finally able to track these gems down at the original shop I purchased them from years earlier and the store now carries them in a variety of cuts. Since that day I create many pieces in all of my collections with this magical gemstone.  Besides being a gemstone for October Birthdays, here are a few more fun facts.

Facts About Blue Peruvian Opals

  • Reduce stress and encourage a feeling of freedom and independence in accessing one’s true self
  • Believed to help with issues sleeping issues and help calm the mind
  • Stimulates originality and creativity
  • They can only be found in the Andes and are the national stone of Peru
  • Associated with the Heart Chakra they are useful to wear or keep close by while meditating


(Pictured; moonstone sugar necklace (top) Opal Life & Joy necklace (middle) Large Gem Necklace in Blue Peruvian Opal (bottom))