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Raindrop Earrings


Gift Set Raindrop earrings, Duplicity ring and Venus Y necklace


The Perfect Gem Hoop Earrings


Starlight Earrings


Original Wire Wrap Gemstone Bracelet and Earrings Set


Sunset Gem Necklace, Venetian Mini Dream Catcher Star Necklace, Mini Circle Gem Ring and Half Moon Earrings Set


Long Gemstone Necklace, Half moon Earrings, and Three Cheers Ring


Life & Joy Necklace, Three Cheers Ring and Mini Half Moon Earrings Set


Mini Crescent Earrings


Gem Drop Mini Hoop Earrings


Mini Half Moon Earrings


Mini Star Raindrop Earrings


Half Moon Earrings


Diamond In The Rough Earrings


Hoops There It Is Earrings