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Birthday Gratitude

I can honestly say that having celiac is one of the best and worst things that I have experienced. I will say the positives outweigh the negatives in the end.

Today is my birthday. This morning, like every morning for the past few years, I spent the first minutes of my day meditating and setting my intentions. Some days are easier than others, and some days I get up two hours before I need to so I can have more time with my practice.
Practicing Gratitude
As I think of the things that  I am grateful for today, I know I have many things on that list.
My friends and family who stand by and support me always, my health and my dog. Also, my business along with my wonderful support team, clients and small business owners. Things like my yoga practice, my bicycle and my celiac…yes that thought came this morning. I realize that I can go on for a while but that’s more for another days post 🙂
Today I will focus on my Celiac diagnosis.
Why I Am Grateful
  1. I wake up pain free every day.
  2. I eat more mindfully.
  3. Having more energy then before.
  4. Making healthier food choices.
  5. My skin is clear and glows :).
  6. I have an amazing support group of friends and family who easily accommodate my restrictions and make sure my food is always Gluten Free.
  7. I am part of community looking for a cure.
These are just a few that come easily to mind.
The last two are where I put my focus for today.
As soon as my friends and family learned I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 12 years, they rallied around to find out more about it. Whether it’s cooking dinner in, eating out or seeing something I may like at a grocery store. They are on it! A few years ago it started to feel exhausting telling servers and disclosing to everyone each time I eat that I have Celiac. Without a word my friends noticed and started making the mention for me.
I am now okay with it again. Without all of the support over the past few years, I would have not eaten out and missed out on some special times.
More information about Celiac is now becoming available. There are communities of people as well as the US government working to improve food and medicine guidelines. This work will create a healthier life for all of the millions of people with Celiac.
Here is information om how you can help and it just take a minute!
Thank you for your continued support.
Sending lots of peace, joy and love.
xx d