Inspired By Community

Today, ‘Handcrafted LA’ opened in downtown LA.  This move was a last minute venture for us. However it just felt right saying yes to being part of a gifted community of independent artists!  Today I am inspired by all that we can accomplish as individuals, as well as how much more we can accomplish as a community.

For our first month here, we have taken a cozy space on one of the six counter areas.  And starting next month we will move into a larger cozy space creating our mini shop within this community of designers.  For more info be sure to visit 

From my beginnings in NYC at the Edge, Bloomingdales and Henri Bendels. As an artist, I have been fortunate to be connected to several artist communities throughout the country.  Further, I am forever grateful for the artists who jumped in and lent a hand to make my small selling space a productive and harmonious one.  I’m also thankful for the artists at the festivals all over the country. They have made me feel unity and at home wherever I am! Lastly, I appreciate my Abbot Kinney Artist market community that I have been working with the past four years-you have helped to make LA feel more like home.

The Symbolic Gem Necklace incorporates 27 different stones which remind me of this feeling! The sensation of many different ideas coming together to create one cohesive entity.

Continue on our journey with us as we grow and create more wonderful community’s of  artists.

With much respect, peace & love

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